Whether you have 1 or 25,000 vehicles, RunSure delivers a sure way to keep your vehicles on the road, maintaining tire pressure, reducing tire failure, using less fuel and running greener than you ever thought possible.

The Real Cost of Tire Failure

Here are a few of the direct and indirect costs and dangers associated with tire failure.

RunSure Reduces Tire Failure by up to 80%

With RunSure, you can stop tire failure and start saving immediately. It’s road-tested, revolutionary tire technology that is used by major fleets all over the world. RunSure provides heavy-duty protection from tread zone tire failure by coating the inside surface of your tire and sealing it for safety. It creates an instantaneous and permanent seal at puncture points of up to 3/8 inch in diameter for uninterrupted driving.

Get Up To 25% More Tread Life out of Your Tires

It’s all about the pressure. RunSure helps maintain proper tire pressure by reducing air escaping through the tire. It reduces “porosity-bleed” – air seeping through the tread and sidewalls – by sealing the pores, which maintains proper pressure, and helps reduce sidewall failure. The propylene glycol formula also reduces operating temperatures and tread wear by transferring heat away from the tread. Recapping is no problem with RunSure

RunSure Can Boost Fuel Economy by up to 3%

Without a doubt, your drivers have the biggest impact on fuel economy, but your tires can also do their part. RunSure helps maintain proper tire pressure – for every 10 psi of under-inflation, your vehicle will be 1% less efficient. In a recent study of truck tires with a recommended 110 psi, a surprising number of tires where found to have between 65 psi and 75 psi. That’s fuel economy evaporating in thin air.

RunSure is Better for the Environment

Our formula’s key ingredient is crumb rubber, made from recycled tires. It is also non-toxic and biodegradable. By reducing the purchase of new tires, increasing the life of existing tires and improving fuel economy, you can continue to do your share to reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve our planet’s natural resources.


Let one of our experts show you how RunSure can streamline your fleet expenses and provide your drivers with safer, more efficient vehicles.