RunSure is a non-hazardous, non-toxic, propylene glycol-based gel, combined with crumb rubber, rust inhibitors and gums held in suspension.
It is professionally and easily installed through the valve stem. There is no mess or cleanup required. RunSure forms a semi-stationary gel coating on the interior of the tire opposite the tread.  During the initial use, RunSure creates a razor thin coating to the sidewalls, which helps prevent porosity bleed and maintain proper tire pressure. It also protects the tread-zone from punctures up to 3/8 inch diameter by instantly and permanently sealing the tire with no appreciable pressure loss. RunSure does not alter the rubber compound or tire structure, and will not affect the ability to re-tread.



Q. How does RunSure help maintain proper tire pressure?

A : RunSure blocks porosity bleed (compressed air leaking through the tread area and the sidewalls) by blocking the naturally occurring pores in the rubber.

Q: Can RunSure permanently repair punctures?

A : RunSure permanently repairs punctures up to 3/8” in the tread zone for the life of the tread.

Q: How is RunSure different from other tire treatments that I tried that didn’t work?

A : Trucks and tires have become more technologically advanced, but tire treatments haven’t – until RunSure. We focus on preventing the root causes of tire failure, and have advanced far beyond the Band-Aid approaches of the past. RunSure is not a loose liquid, it is a viscous gel that stays positioned inside the tire, opposite the tread area – there is no mess.  A key technological difference is that RunSure uses pure crumb rubber from recycled truck tires as the puncture media – our crumb rubber matches the expansion, contraction and flexing properties of the tire itself, assuring a safe and long-lasting repair. Another key difference is that RunSure uses a unique, high quality, food grade, propylene glycol base that is non-toxic and does not have any special disposal requirements. Most of the past tire treatment products have used ethylene glycol (anti-freeze), which is toxic and requires special disposal.

Q: What are the main benefits of using RunSure?

A : There are two primary benefits. The first is passive pressure maintenance, (i.e. keeping the tire at proper pressure), helping to prevent the damage that under inflation causes. The second main benefit is to immediately and permanently repair (seal) punctures without the loss of pressure.

Q: How does RunSure lower my long run tire costs?

A : There are three cost areas that RunSure impacts :
(1) it extends tread life by maintaining proper pressure – under inflation wears tires down at an accelerated rate.
(2) it increases fuel economy – we all know that under inflated tires will increase fuel usage.
(3) RunSure reduces the incidence of overall tire failure – properly inflated tires will better withstand impacts from potholes and curbs, and will be less susceptible to punctures.

Q: How frequently do we need to install RunSure in tires?

A : Once for each tread life.

Q: Does RunSure create balance issues?

A : No. On the contrary, RunSure acts to dynamically balance tires.

Q: Does RunSure work on all tire sizes?

A : Yes, and all tire types, as well. There is a different dosage required for different sizes and types – we supply a comprehensive dosage chart and we advise on unique usage situations.

Q: Will RunSure leave a sticky residue on our wheels or tires?

A : No. RunSure will not even appear on the wheels. As for tires, RunSure can be washed out with water or left to dry out – RunSure is biodegradable.

Q: Will RunSure ruin my casing such that we cannot retread the tire?

A : No. RunSure has no residual effect on the casing. We do recommend that RunSure be removed before the retread process.

Q: Will RunSure cause any voiding of my tire warranty?

A : No. If your tire manufacturer voids the tire’s warranty due to RunSure, we will honor the provisions of their warranty.

Q: Has RunSure been “blessed” by any tire manufacturer or retreader?

A : Tire manufacturers do not endorse products that increase tire life and reduce tire failure – we understand.

Q: Does RunSure work on bald tires?

A : Yes, but we do not recommend dosing bald or damaged tires because they are near the end of their life and the benefits of RunSure will be short-lived.

Q: Can we install RunSure ourselves? Is training available?

A : Yes and yes. RunSure has expert technicians and detailed documentation available to train your staff.